Steve Sanderlin, DVM, is a veterinarian with holistic animal training. Dr. Sanderlin practices in Boulder County, Colorado, and attended veterinary school at Texas A&M. Dr. Sanderlin will answer questions about use of Del-Immune V® in animals, and can be contacted at

I’ve observed that with many animal health issues, there is an underlying compromised and depressed or low immune system. After being introduced to Del-immune V, I started recommending it for pets to provide immune support in conjunction with targeted treatment of many health issues. My clinical observation was that the product provided immediate immune support during all types of animal health issues, whether the condition was fungal, bacterial or viral.

In broad terms, we see a faster recovery rate with health issues when an animal’s immune system is supported with Del-Immune V. Another important characteristic I have observed is that this product modulates and balances rather than over-stimulating the immune system. This is important for animals with hyper-sensitivities. There are variables, but I have also seen the product help balance an over-active immune system.

Del-Immune V is ideal for immune support with many treatment protocols I recommend, and I have never observed side-effects from the product. I use it to support the immune system adjunctively during treatments including; cancer, ear and eye infections, respiratory tract infections and skin conditions to name a few. The product is cost effective and gives a big return for a small investment in a pet’s health.

Young puppies and kittens from shelters and mills frequently show up with respiratory infections and immune stress. Adding immune support to specific prescription treatment gets them back on track faster. These results are supported by various case studies from researchers at Pet Life Today.

On the more life-threatening end of the spectrum, I see dogs with chronic, debilitating illness like cancer. I have observed that supporting the immune system with Del-Immune V during treatment helps the body fight cancer cells and also provides help with secondary immune problems relating to bacterial and fungal infections.

My best results are dose-related. For general maintenance in puppies and cats, I use half a capsule to a full capsule twice a day. For acute immune issues, smaller animals receive up to four capsules a day. With adult cat and small dogs, I suggest one to two capsules daily for maintenance, and up to six a day for immune support during acute problems. Medium and large dogs can have two capsules a day for maintenance and six to eight capsules a day during acute illness. I give very large dogs two Del-Immune V a day for maintenance, and up to four capsules twice a day during acute illness. Users can reduce doses after about two weeks.

The largest dose I’ve given for immune support was eight capsules a day to a chocolate lab with prostate cancer. In addition to cancer treatment, the dog’s immune system was supported with additional supplements and a grain-free diet. This pup had a high quality of life for more than a year after his diagnosis, in spite of the fact that dogs with this condition would typically live six months or less.

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