Lyme disease appears to be a growing issue, not just in the U.S. but in Europe as well. We have received this letter from Dr. Richard Schneider of Zurich, Switzerland, and wanted to share it with our customers.

“I thank you for publishing information on Lyme disease and Del-Immune V® in your newsletter. I have now nearly concluded my case of Lyme disease.Tthe young lady from Scotland who comes to see me every other month can now be considered healed, I think.

“After about eight years of unsuccessful treatment attempts, she is full of energy, has a bright smile on her face because of all the things she can do again, and of course I am very happy, too.

“Here are my observations: Del-Immune V® and Delpro® alone do not do it. It needs some additional specific medications to kill the bugs and to detox. I have used the homeopathic form of Aurum Arsenicoum and later on Spiro from the Rainforest group. It also needs, at least in those longstanding chronic cases as this one, the extra time and sympathy from the treating doctor. Because the way to good health is not a straight one, there are ups and downs along the way – and in these cases it helps a patient a great deal if he or she can call the doctor and receive advice and also mental support. I hope this serves other medical people.”

– Dr. Richard Schneider, Zurich, Switzerland

Dr. Schneider makes an excellent point – that Del-Immune V® alone is not a “cure” for Lyme. Different Lyme patients need different therapies to manage the disease. Clearly, Dr. Schneider found a treatment program that worked for this patient. It may work for others as well. One of the most important things Lyme patients can do is to find a “Lyme literate” doctor to work with.


John Sichel, RPh
President, Pure Researach Products LLC