Many of our customers ask about the difference between these two core products. This article digs into the science behind both and their relationship to the immune system.

Delpro is a probiotic that includes three strains of live lactic acid bacteria (L.acidophillus, L.casei, L.delbrueckii) and two strains of Bifidobacteria (B.longum and B.bifiidum) as well as a small amount (approx. 8 mg) of Del-Immune.

It’s important to note that no milk components are used in the manufacture of Delpro, which alleviates issues for those sensitive to dairy.

Delpro focuses on the gut area, targeting digestive problems with immune activation for local gut cells. Delpro is great for anyone, but especially for kids because a mild immune influence with gut health creates strong long-term immune protection and helps to normalize gut function. We typically recommend 2-3 capsules per day. For kids under 12, two capsules are enough.

Del-Immune, on the other hand, is made from the lysate of probiotic cells from the Lactobacillus Rhamnosus strain. It does not have live probiotic cells. It uses NON-DIARY media as well to avoid dairy related reactions. Because the product only contains cell fragments, Del-Immune is not a probiotic.

This process of making Del-Immune V mirrors the body’s natural microbiota (microflora). In a normally functioning immune system, the microbiota target receptor cells to help seek out compromises in the immune system. If human microbiota are healthy, the immune system helps protect the body by mustering protective immune reactions with other body’s systems like the nervous system, the digestive system and the hormones.

But if the body’s microbiota are unhealthy the immune system reactions can lead to inflammation, allergies and other contrary responses.

Del-Immune V helps our innate immune system naturally because of its probiotic nature. Del-Immune contains positively working cell fragments and immediately begins to interact with immune cell receptors to help protect the body against all kinds of pathogens. The product is suitable for acute and chronic conditions such as colds and flu, sinusitis, bronchitis, irritable bowel syndrome, fatigue, fibromyalgia, allergies, skin infections (including fungal), hepatitis C.

The product can also provide adjunctive support for cancer patients on chemotherapy or radiotherapy.