Founder of the nutritional supplement Del-Immune V, Dr. Liubov Sichel, CEO and Chief Scientist at Pure Research Products, LLC presented at the Probiotics & Prebiotics Congress in San Diego, CA. Dr. Sichel discussed food allergy and bronchial asthma treatment with Del-Immune V in pediatric practice.

Dr. Sichel reported probiotic lysates, such as Del-Immune V, are a novel type of bio-therapeutics that contain structural cell fragments and act as microbial-associated molecular patterns, activating the corresponding receptors of the innate immune system.

Dr. Sichel and her colleagues reported Del-Immune V could be recommended as part of an integrated therapy for children with gastrointestinal, respiratory or skin manifestations associated with food allergies and for potential prevention and treatment of acute respiratory viral infections and bronchial asthma.

A copy of Dr. Sichel’s presentation materials can be found here: