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August Special!

August Special, save $17 per bottle! This Special offer includes FREE SHIPPING in the US only.

Sometimes, people need maximum results from their immune system. Del-Immune V® has been shown to help the body protect itself.

With 100 capsules, a bottle of Del-Immune V® is a specialized supplement derived from probiotics, providing immune system support immediately. With 50 years of research, Del-Immune V® represents research from Cold War-era Soviet scientists and Russian military programs.

There are approximately 8 billion cell fragments from a specialized strain of lactobacillus, also known as “probiotic” or “friendly bacteria,” inside each Del-Immune V® capsule. Each cell fragment has the biological substances muramyl peptides, DNA, and amino acids, helping to stimulate the immune system. This process fights a variety of environmental invaders by duplicating the natural immune responses in the intestine, the core of immune activity in humans.


Taking Del-Immune V® helps protect the immune system from bacterial and viral infections.

  • Ideal for immune conditions, both acute and chronic.
  • Pre-emptively protect against colds and flus during the winter
  • Help those with allergic conditions, including sinusitis
  • Protects against fungal infections and maintains a healthy skin environment.
  • Fast-acting, positive effects usually noticed within a day or two.

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"I’ve been taking a daily capsule for over a year now and haven’t felt sick at all. With the impending threat of seasonal illnesses, I am grateful for the immune support that Del-Immune provides."
- Linda R.

Niwot CO

“We observe patients with different conditions and how they react to the product. Up to now, my observations are astounding indeed. Del-immune seems to help a great deal.”
- Dr. Richard S.

Zürich, Switzerland

"Wow I was really getting sick and had ordered your Delimmune product as an afterthought because of the special. OMG that stuff really works. Everyone else has been down for two weeks I was sick for two days. Totally amazing product. Thank you. I ordered some for my son!"
Marta Bennett

Carmel, CA

"Several months back my daughter gave me a bottle of Del-Immune V. I took the entire bottle until I ran out. I felt good but didn’t order more. Then my daughter gave me another bottle. This time I noticed immediately that I felt better, had more energy and have not been sick or even felt unwell once while taking the bottle. Since I often...
Donna F.