Del-Immune V® 30 Capsule bottle - 25mg

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Del-Immune V® 30 Capsule bottle - 25mg

Providing a faster way to trigger immune response.

The faster the immune system is able to respond to a possible treat from an illness-causing invader, the more successful the body can be in maintaining good health. Del-Immune V® has been shown to trigger activators in the immune system that in turn quickly start the body's natural protective response against foreign invaders that could compromise wellness.

A 30 capsule bottle of Del-Immune V®, a one-of-a-kind probiotic-derived supplement that provides immediate immune system support. Del-Immune V® represents the culmination of 50 years of research originated by Cold War-era Soviet Bloc scientists and Russian military bio-warfare troop protection programs.

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Each Del-Immune V® capsule contains approximately 2 billion cell fragments from a special strain of lactobacillus, or “probiotic” — also called “friendly bacteria.” These cell fragments contain biological substances – identified as muramyl peptides, DNA, and amino acids – that account for the stimulation of immune response. This process duplicates the natural immune action that occurs in the intestine, which is the core of human immune activity and is responsible for fighting a variety of environmental invaders.
Del-Immune V® helps protect the immune system against bacterial and viral infections
• Ideal for both acute and chronic immune conditions
• Can be used prior to and during winter months to protect against colds and flus
• Suitable for those with allergic conditions such as sinusitis
• Helps maintain a healthy skin environment and protects against fungal infections
• Can be used for prolonged periods of time without any side effects
• Safe to take with prescription medication and other natural supplements
• Quick acting and the beneficial effects are usually noted within 1-2 days or less
"I’ve been taking a daily capsule for over a year now and haven’t felt sick at all. With the impending threat of seasonal illnesses, I am grateful for the immune support that Del-Immune provides."
- Linda R.

Niwot CO

“We observe patients with different conditions and how they react to the product. Up to now, my observations are astounding indeed. Del-immune seems to help a great deal.”
- Dr. Richard S.

Zürich, Switzerland

"Wow I was really getting sick and had ordered your Delimmune product as an afterthought because of the special. OMG that stuff really works. Everyone else has been down for two weeks I was sick for two days. Totally amazing product. Thank you. I ordered some for my son!"
Marta Bennett

Carmel, CA

"Several months back my daughter gave me a bottle of Del-Immune V. I took the entire bottle until I ran out. I felt good but didn’t order more. Then my daughter gave me another bottle. This time I noticed immediately that I felt better, had more energy and have not been sick or even felt unwell once while taking the bottle. Since I often...
Donna F.

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    Been using it for a year now and love it!

    Posted by Matthew from Colorado on 29th Jun 2017

    Our whole family has been using Del-Immune for over a year now and non of us have been sick since we started taking Del-Immune. Really love your product - now we are using your pet products for our dogs as well! Thanks!

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    I was skeptical but with my chronic illness I had to try

    Posted by Jo R. on 15th May 2016

    I have a rare disease and with it comes a very low immune system. I also have shingles too. So anytime I feel something coming on I take del immune and wow it is so short lived. I also have taken it before going into large crowds and people can sneeze and cough right on me and I don't get what they have.I have even been around people with the flu and don't get it. Its an amazing thing not to have to have loads of antibiotics anymore.Also, When the shingles starts to rear its ugly head I take del immune and take the shingles meds and it never gets to even build to an outbreak of painful blisters. When I have an allergy to the palm pollen my face usually swells and turns blue. now when the allergy starts to make my face hurt I take del immune and the allergy goes back into hiding. I love you del immune v!

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    I was a skeptic...until I was proven wrong - THIS WORKS!

    Posted by Tanya on 11th Mar 2013

    A friend turned me on to Del-Immune-V about 6 years ago. I was very skeptical at first, but thought I’d give it a try. At the first hint of catching a cold, slight sore throat, tired achy feeling starting in my bones, I dosed up on Del-Immune, taking it a few times a day for several days and to my surprise never got full-fledged sick! I’ve been using it ever since if I am around germy folks or feel something coming on, and am happy to report despite co-workers and friends getting colds and flu each winter I have yet to come down with anything. I also have a co-worker who takes it daily as a supplement with favorable results. So either way, it seems to work. I recommend this product to just about everyone and most who try it are sold. Thanks Del-Immune!