DPS Throat Spray - 74 mL. Bottle

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DPS Throat Spray - 74 mL. Bottle

Use DPS Throat Spray for the following benefits to the Immune System

  • Restores balance to the immune system
  • Stimulates an underactive immune system
  • Calms an overactive immune system
  • Delivers the right response at the right time
  • Safe and effective for all ages
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DPS Throat Spray works in the “adaptive” immune system, while Del-Immune V works in the “innate” immune system, making them excellent companions for total immune health.

Colostrum has immunomodulatory properties, helping to regulate how our white blood cells communicate. This helps our body mount a coordinated response to each immune challenge. Research has also looked at the role of colostrum in the prevention of neurodegenerative diseases. It has also shown potential to prevent allergic responses to known indoor and outdoor allergens.

DPS Throat Spray is safe for all ages

DPS Throat Spray is safe for all ages. It contains no dairy products and has a pleasant vanilla flavor. DPS throat spray should be refrigerated after opening.

Looking to strengthen your immune response and get immune system support? Order DPS Throat Spray today!

"I’ve been taking a daily capsule for over a year now and haven’t felt sick at all. With the impending threat of seasonal illnesses, I am grateful for the immune support that Del-Immune provides."
- Linda R.

Niwot CO

“We observe patients with different conditions and how they react to the product. Up to now, my observations are astounding indeed. Del-immune seems to help a great deal.”
- Dr. Richard S.

Zürich, Switzerland

"Wow I was really getting sick and had ordered your Delimmune product as an afterthought because of the special. OMG that stuff really works. Everyone else has been down for two weeks I was sick for two days. Totally amazing product. Thank you. I ordered some for my son!"
Marta Bennett

Carmel, CA

"Several months back my daughter gave me a bottle of Del-Immune V. I took the entire bottle until I ran out. I felt good but didn’t order more. Then my daughter gave me another bottle. This time I noticed immediately that I felt better, had more energy and have not been sick or even felt unwell once while taking the bottle. Since I often...
Donna F.

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    No need for flu shots ever again

    Posted by Fred W Lakewood,CO on 4th Mar 2013

    My wife[ age 73 ] and I [ age 81 ] have taken Del-immune for over 4 years, 2caps/day...we never take the Flu shots and never have a cold....our overall health is excellent. The spray product is great when you feel that little tickle in the back of your throat just before something seems to be coming on...just 3 sprays and no cold....we'll be customers a long time and thought you would like to know how pleased we are with the products.

  • 5
    LOVE this product!!!

    Posted by Kellie on 6th Feb 2013

    We love this product!! Our family has not had flu or cold in two years and we owe it to this Throat Spray! We've been exposed to several friends with colds and flu, and we've been on the edge of it but this product saves us every time! I've never known anything to work so well. At the first sign of a cold or sore throat we use this product and up our Del-Immune. Thank you! We won't leave home without it!