Here are some frequently asked questions from our customers, care-givers and other industry professionals.

What is Del-Immune V®?

Del-Immune V® [Lactobacillus rhamnosus (DV strain)] is a nutritional supplement containing cell fragments, DNA and components of a unique strain of bacteria. The immune system is known to ignite when exposed to these cell fragments.

research-on-the-immunity-immune-benefits-of-del-immune-v.jpgWhere did this product come from?

Del-Immune V® is a result of more than a half century of scientific research. The formulation was developed in Russia for biological warfare protection during the cold war. After considering the use of vaccines and antibiotics for protection against bio-warfare agents, scientists determined that our own enhanced immune systems were the best defense against bio-invaders. Further research determined that the cell fragments from a particular strain of lactobacillus bacteria gave broad-spectrum immune system support. Del-Immune V® has been used in the United States for many years. It was first brought to the U.S. by a retired pharmacist when he discovered the product had a beneficial effect on his daughter’s hepatitis C symptoms when added to her supplement routine. Made at one time in St. Petersburg, Russia, a more potent version of Del-Immune V® is now made in the U.S., in Indianapolis, Indiana. 

immune-strength.jpgWhat is Del-Immune V®’s mode of action?

Russian research reports state that, “In simple terms, Del-Immune V® activates the innate, or primary, immune system.” This process has been shown to jump-start the body’s natural protective defense capabilities against various types of foreign invaders. Onset of action for Del-Immune V® is usually four to six hours.  

Are there any products like Del-Immune V®?

There are a small number of prescription drugs based on cell fragment biotechnology, but Del-Immune V® is the only non-prescription cell fragment nutritional supplement available in the U.S. and other countries worldwide that has been thoroughly researched. Research on this product continues today.

improve-immune-system.jpgWhat is the dosage for Del-Immune V®?

Many people take 1 to 2 capsules per day for regular immune system support, and increase their dosage during travel and during seasons when winter germs may be more prevalent. Others take up to 10 a day for specific immune challenges. Del-Immune V® is safe and non-toxic. People of all ages, including children and older adults, may take the product. Del-Immune V® requires no refrigeration.

Anecdotal reports indicate that Del-Immune V® can be effective in minimizing the chance of catching winter-type germs.* Dr. Roger Mazlan, of Roslyn Heights, New York, has used Del-Immune V® for roughly four years in more than 500 patients. He explains how he uses the product:

“I see patients in many stages of classical winter infections, but with the use of one to two Del-Immune V® a day, most patients find they have fewer bouts of winter germs. But at the first sign of a sore throat, fever, muscle and joint tenderness coupled with fatigue, and any other symptom, take two to three Del-Immune V® capsules, and then again in the morning and evening with plenty of water and rest. This dosage is recommended for a minimum of five days … one week’s therapy is ideal.

I then suggest the patient take two capsules a day during the rest of the winter to minimize a recurrence. My experience now supports an absence of side effects when Del-Immune V® is used for a prolonged period, and there is no problem when mixed with prescription medications. When I see a patient suffering from severe symptoms, I recommend three Del-Immune V® capsules four times a day for at least three, sometimes four days. I may suggest to patients that they continue one or two capsules a day for the rest of the winter.

As a medical practitioner for more than 40 years I know there is no perfect solution, but Del-Immune V® has become the backbone of my treatment regimen during the winter season. I also recommend to many of my patients that they take Del-Immune® capsules for immediate immune system support when suffering from a variety of other health issues.”

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images.jpgCan I give Del-Immune V® to pets?

We have hundreds of customers who have the whole family on Del-Immune V®, including their cats, dogs, hamsters and birds. We also have many licensed veterinarians who dispense Del-Immune V® in their practice. Most users give their pet between one and eight capsules per day, depending on the animal’s needs and body weight.

Are there side effects with the product?

Because the product is manufactured from a natural, beneficial probiotic, side effects are rare. Del-Immune V® is free of wheat and dairy products, and is safe for people who are lactose intolerant. There are no known interactions or contra-indications for the use of Del-Immune V® with any prescription medications, nutritional supplements or chemo/radiation regimens.

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