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GI Special - $92.22

This special includes

  • 1 - Del Immune V® 100 Capsule bottle
  • 2 - Delpro™ 60 Capsule Bottle
  • 1 - Del Immune V® 30 Capsule bottle - Free!

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Each Del-Immune V® capsule contains approximately 2 billion cell fragments from a special strain of lactobacillus, or “probiotic” — also called “friendly bacteria.” These cell fragments contain biological substances – identified as muramyl peptides, DNA, and amino acids – that account for the stimulation of immune response. This process duplicates the natural immune action that occurs in the intestine, which is the core of human immune activity and is responsible for fighting a variety of environmental invaders

Helps protect the immune system against bacterial and viral infections

• Ideal for both acute and chronic immune conditions
• Can be used prior to and during winter months to protect against colds and flus
• Suitable for those with allergic conditions such as sinusitis
• Helps maintain a healthy skin environment and protects against fungal infections
• Can be used for prolonged periods of time without any side effects
• Safe to take with prescription medication and other natural supplements
• Quick acting and the beneficial effects are usually noted within 1-2 days or less

It’s the best of two worlds. DelproTM nutritional supplements contain a dually beneficial blend of Del-Immune V® for immediate immune support plus probiotics that contribute to intestinal health.

This powerful combination of ingredients can play an important role in warding off potential threats to your health such as colds and flu as well as keeping your digestive tract in balance. Probiotics are natural components of the normal intestinal tract and DelproTM probiotic supplements, with the added health benefits of Del-Immune V®, have been created specifically to help strengthen your immune system and maintain/restore digestive health. Just one DelproTM capsule three times a day is all it takes.

Why not make Del-Immune V® and DelproTM part of your health regimen and see for yourself the difference it can make in your life?


Please be aware - shipping during the weekends and holidays may result in a delay in the processing of your order.

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