Low Immune System: What are the Causes?

low-immune-system-what-are-the-causes.jpgEver wonder why some people, maybe yourself included, get sick more than others? The answer may lie in the fact that many people have a diminished ability to fight off germs, viruses and other bodily invaders that can lead to such ailments as colds, the flu, certain diseases and many more threats to well-being.

The compromised ability of the body to successfully do battle with threats to our health can often times be traced to what is commonly referred to as low immune system, or a weakness in the body’s natural ability to defend itself against threats to wellness.

A properly functioning immune system is one of the most important components in staying healthy. When a risk to our health is detected, the immune system – if it is working to its optimal capabilities – will go into action, responding to a potentially harmful bodily invader as a way of squelching it before we actually develop an illness.


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Yet, for people who are dealing with low immune system and low immunity, the above scenario is not always the case. The result can mean more frequent colds, more susceptibility to flu and the possibility of contracting other, more serious illnesses.

Let’s take a look at some of the more common causes of low immune system.


The Four Common Causes of Low Immune System

  1. Stress. Nearly all of us have felt the effects of stress at some point in our lives. Headaches, pounding chest pains, uneasiness and an overall tense feeling are hallmarks of stress. These factors all combine to cause the immune system to have to work harder to defend the body against threats to health, at times suppressing the immune system to such a point that it is severely compromised.
  2. Not enough exercise. Your body’s immune system will likely not be at its best if your lifestyle is too sedentary. As an example of how important keeping active can be, medical research has indicated that regular exercise can help the functions of neutrophils, which are cell types that work to kill unwanted and sometimes dangerous microorganisms that can negatively affect health.
  3. Lack of sleep. You may not realize it, but while you’re sleeping the cells in your blood that fight infections are working to keep infections at bay. So  lack of sleep and fatigue  can leave you.
  4. Improper nutrition. Estimates are that poor diet, especially when combined with lack of exercise, may be responsible for killing between 310,000 and 580,000 Americans each year. Certainly, it’s vital to eat a well-balanced assortment of foods including fruits, vegetables and whole grain sources that help support the immune system by providing crucial vitamins, minerals, phytochemicals and antioxidants. Just as crucial, fatty junk foods should be avoided whenever possible. Fats, particularly polyunsaturated fats, tend to suppress the immune system. Also be on the lookout for the consumption of too much sugar, which can inhibit phagocytosis, the process by which white blood cells work to destroy viruses and bacteria.


How to Enhance Your Immune System

Although for some people it may involve a change in lifestyle, each of the above causes of low immune system can be addressed to improve immune function. For instance, there are several strategies for reducing stress such as forcing yourself to take regular breaks from work, eliminating situations that can upset you such as confrontations with other people, and allowing more time to get from place to place instead of rushing everywhere you go.

Furthermore, maintaining a steady exercise regimen – even if it’s as simple as just taking a slow stroll – is something you should definitely put on your list. Also, although it can be hard depending on your schedule and time commitments, try to get at least 7-8 hours of sleep each night. And, pay attention to what you eat by reading nutrition labels.

Another highly important element in enhancing the ability of your immune system to fend off threats to your health involves dietary supplements. Doctors in the United States and many other parts of the world have reported successful results among their patients who take a nutritional supplement called Del-Immune V®.

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