Del-Immune story

The development of Del-Immune V® involves a rich history spanning from Bulgaria to Russia to Ukraine and finally to the United States. Our story exemplifies how people from different backgrounds and ideologies can unite through a shared desire to help others to create a product that positively impacts the health of so many.

The story of Del-Immune V is also a story of love. Liubov, a world-renowned scientist from Ukraine, meets John, a retired pharmacist from the United States. Their mutual fascination in the countless health and healing benefits of Del-Immune V’s forefather product inspired them to combine their expertise to improve the potency, quality and production methods into what would become Del-Immune V.

During this undertaking, Liubov moved to the U.S. to work closer with John Sichel. Together they co-found Pure Research Products, LLC, fell in love, and eventually married.

Under their leadership, Pure Research Products has successfully launched both human and pet products featuring Del-Immune V—the extraordinary nutritional supplement that provides immediate immune support. Today the company has served over twenty-five thousand customers with a variety of health issues in countries across the globe. Pure Research Products continues to look for ways to deliver new products based on the research conducted by Dr. Liubov Sichel and her colleagues.

The Early History of Del-Immune V®
In the early 1960s, a scientific team led by Bulgarian medical doctor and microbiologist, Ivan Bogdanov, researched a variety of lactobacillus strains believing the strains could influence the immune system to eliminate cancer. Dr. Bogdanov and his team were successful in eliminating a sarcoma in laboratory animals using a mixture of lactobacillus cell fragments. His work is the first documented research showing the positive impact of probiotic lactobacillus cell fragments on the immune system. This discovery led to the biological research of lactobacillus cell wall fragments which are produced by lysing, or breaking the lactobacillus cell.

Soon thereafter, Liubov Sichel earned her PhD in microbiology from Moscow State University. Much of her focus has been in biotechnology of microbial enzymes, microbial polysaccharides, amino acids, probiotics biotechnology, probiotic cell fragments technology and other microbial products, based on microbial fermentation for human, animals, industrial and environmental use. In 1985, the USSR awarded her a Medal of Honor for her contribution to the development of genetically engineered human interferon.

In 2000, in now-independent Ukraine, she established the first Biotechnology faculty in the National Technical University in Kiev. She served as the first Dean of the Biotechnology and Biotechnical Faculty and also served Ukraine as an Assistant Minister of Health and Biotechnology.

Dr. Liubov Sichel has received many awards for her research and scientific contributions during her tenure as a scientist, professor and government minister. Today she has more than 180 publications and 36 patents.

Co-founder, John Sichel a retired U.S. pharmacist, who had previously been introduced to the early product by one of his trusted business associates, heard many stories about the efficacy and potential of the research. He was told leaders in the Soviet military asked the government to provide protection against biological warfare agents such as plague, smallpox, anthrax, etc. At their request, a special research institute conducted experiments to identify an effective product, and the result was a lactobacillus cell wall fragment made from a special strain. This product was a predecessor of what would eventually become Del-Immune V.

Using one of Dr. Liubov Sichel’s lactobacillus strains, with the assistance of Vivolac Cultures Corporation, a food-industry culture production company in Indianapolis, Indiana, the company was successful in improving the production methods and substantially refining the original product.

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