Pet Natural Anal Gland Relief™ -100 Doses 10% off and Free Shipping

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 Pet Natural Anal Gland Relief™  -100 Doses 10% off and Free Shipping

Scooting Relief for Dogs & Cats! 


How Pet Natural Anal Gland Relief Works 

Natural Anal Gland Relief™ supports healthy evacuation with organic oat bran flour coupled with immediate immune support while probiotics help relieve cat and dog anal gland inflammation and itching. Natural Anal Gland Relief™ is added to meals as a routine preventative. 



Why Our Pets Have Anal Gland Issues

Historically, animal anal glands produced a scent that was expressed in the animals’ feces for marking territory. Animals that lived in the wild acquired fiber and essential bacteria to maintain a healthy gut. This contributed to “normal’ bowel habits and minimized anal gland issues when living in the wild.


Today, pets receive processed and/or artificially preserved foods that contain less natural fiber and essential probiotics that would maintain a pet’s healthy gut and provide “normal” bowel movements. 

The relief of anal gland inflammation and “scooting” involves encouraging healthy digestion and optimizing bowel movements that insure anal gland congestion is minimized. 

Pet Natural Anal Gland Relief Dosage & Ingredients

The 100-gram jar supplies 100 one-half teaspoon, or single scoop doses. Add a generous scoop, or more as needed, to regular meals for dogs, or follow your veterinarian’s dosing instructions.

  • DEL-IMMUNE V®10mg per dose
  • PROBIOTIC BLEND – 25mg per dose. Blend consists of: L. acidophilus, L. casei, L. plantarum, B. bifidum, and B. longum.
  • ORGANIC, NON-GMO OAT BRAN FLOUR – 965mg per dose. Oat bran contains natural beta glucans to promote and support optimal bowel movements and immune function.

Refrigeration after opening is suggested to maintain freshness of these live probiotics.

Give Your Pet Relief! Order Today!

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"I’ve been taking a daily capsule for over a year now and haven’t felt sick at all. With the impending threat of seasonal illnesses, I am grateful for the immune support that Del-Immune provides."
- Linda R.

Niwot CO

“We observe patients with different conditions and how they react to the product. Up to now, my observations are astounding indeed. Del-immune seems to help a great deal.”
- Dr. Richard S.

Zürich, Switzerland

"Wow I was really getting sick and had ordered your Delimmune product as an afterthought because of the special. OMG that stuff really works. Everyone else has been down for two weeks I was sick for two days. Totally amazing product. Thank you. I ordered some for my son!"
Marta Bennett

Carmel, CA

"Several months back my daughter gave me a bottle of Del-Immune V. I took the entire bottle until I ran out. I felt good but didn’t order more. Then my daughter gave me another bottle. This time I noticed immediately that I felt better, had more energy and have not been sick or even felt unwell once while taking the bottle. Since I often...
Donna F.

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    Wonderful Product

    Posted by Kelly on 19th Jul 2017

    Our 2 dogs had been having issues with "Butt Scooting" since they were 2, (now 4 and 3) and every few months we would have to take them to the vet to tend to them. This helped, however it was only a temporary fix as it kept happening. We started to research the subject online and came across a product called "Pet natural anal gland relief" made by Pet Natural Products LLc. We obtained the product and started adding the recommended 2 small scoops into each dog's food twice per day. The first thing we noticed after the first day was how excited the dogs were (even more so) at feeding time. By day four they were often jumping up and down in excitement awaiting the food. They must like the Oatmeal... Anyway, by day 4 or 5 I did not see any more butt scooting from either of our dogs. Amazing.... After day 7, I reduced it down to just once per day with their food in the morning and still no butt scooting or even any trace of that nasty fishy smell that accompanied it all.

  • 5
    Dog and Cat anal gland issues can be gross - this stuff helps!

    Posted by Matt on 19th Jul 2017

    We have two rescue dogs - one mini dachshund and a pit bull terrier mix. They both have had anal gland issues especially if they get nervous or are riding in the car. After using this for a few weeks both of our dogs have seen improvement - butt scooting on the carpets is declining and they are not randomly expressing their anal glands on us. We are all so much happier including our dogs - highly recommend this if your dog or cats have anal gland issues!

  • 5
    You know I have been using the anal gland product for many months….

    Posted by Jan on 19th Jul 2017

    “You know I have been using the anal gland product for many months…. My 3 year old golden had a real serious anal gland problem. The vet cleaned her anal gland every month and she hated it. Seemed to be tender and painful when the gland was massaged. It has not been necessary for the vet to clean her anal gland since starting the product. I put it her food every night .It’s a really good product…thanks!”