Pet Stress Relief™

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Pet Stress Relief™

Providing Immediate Immune System Support to Sustain a Pet’s Health

Pet Stress Relief™ is the nearly perfect supplement for tuning up your pet’s immune function and providing ongoing support against illness and disease. CLICK HERE TO READ OUR BROCHURE

Just like humans, our pets experience immune issues caused by stress in their lives. While human reactions to stress may be obvious, immune system problems for our pets are much more subtle. But according to Dr. Steven Sanderlin, DMV, when a pet is under stress, immune support is one of the FIRST areas of their health to be affected. Stress in pets is caused by many things, such as being separated from owners, being given a different diet, having to cope with other animals (or humans), or simple changes in regular routines. Stress can be tough on non-complaining pets.


Thousands of dogs and cats have been taking Del-Immune V® every day for years. As a matter of fact, many of the earliest amazing health improvements due to this product were seen in pets which had not responded to standard treatments but snapped out of their difficulties quickly on DelImmune V®. Now we have developed an even more effective product, based on Del-Immune V®, which combines it with two other immune-supporting ingredients: colostrum powder and whey protein powder.

Pet Stress Relief™ Ingredients:


Del-Immune V® is a natural immune modulator. An immune modulator works to turn immune response on and off as needed. This is the same ingredient formulated in Del-Immune V® supplements for humans. Made from a special strain of Lactobacillus rhamnosus, Del-Immune V® acts as a first responder when support from the innate immune system is needed. This strain of probiotic has been shown in decades of scientific research to provide immediate immune support. Just as in humans, Del-Immune V® activates an animal’s innate immune response, initiating an immediate immune attack against foreign invaders while also supporting daily immune health maintenance.


Found in animal mother’s first milk after birth, colostrum is crucial for immune defense and development in animal and human babies. Fresh colostrum powder is rich in essential peptides and is proven to support the secondary, or ‘adaptive’ immune system1. First-milking colostrum has high levels of immunoglobulins and proline-rich polypeptides (PRPs), vital for developing and maintaining immune health. Immunoglobulins are antibodies that attach to foreign invaders in the body, allowing the immune system to destroy invaders and keep the body healthy. In adult animals, PRPs and lactoferrin work to boost and modulate the immune system. PRPs, also called ‘info-peptides,’ can signal the immune system to increase activity to mount attacks against viruses, working together with signals with the innate immune system. Lactoferrin is proving to have anti-microbial, anti-bacterial, and anti-viral activity, and has been found to inhibit tumor growth.2 Colostrum also contains antibodies, proteins and enzymes that boost immune function.3


Easily digested whey protein has been shown to support and boost immune function, and studies show that whey protein contributes to increased muscle strength in humans and animals.4 Whey protein also contains high levels of cysteine, an amino acid that helps boost glutathione. Glutathione supports the gut, where 70% of immune function occurs.

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"Winslow is a rescue dog we got when he was two years old. Being a rescue he is nervous and scared especially driving in the car. He would express his anal glands in the car every time we took him anywhere. Since we have introduced the Anal Gland Relief into his diet he has stopped smelling up our car with his anal gland expressing; so thankful!"
“We got Mia when she was only 4 months old from a shelter in NC. She had lots of parasite issues and intestinal problems including impacted anal glands because she was a street dog and eat anything she could find. After a couple months on Anal Gland Relief she is back to normal. This is a great product – just remember to increase the dosage if your dog or cat has major issues as a normal small dose wasn’t enough for Mia at first.”