DPS Throat Spray, 150mL Bottle



DPS Throat Spray is a companion product to Del-Immune V®. DPS works primarily in the adaptive immune system, while Del-Immune V® works primarily in the innate immune system, making them excellent companions for total immune health especially during winter months and travel.

DPS Throat Spray is a proprietary extract of bovine colostrum, know as “first milk”, that contains immune-enhancing factors called polypeptides which are essential in activating the adaptive immune system. Colostrum has immunomodulatory properties, helping to regulate immune cell communication. This helps the body mount a coordinated response to each immune challenge.

Together, DPS Throat Spray and Del-Immune V®, can provide rapid broad-spectrum immune system support.

  • Restores balance to the immune system
  • Stimulates an under-active immune system
  • Calms an overactive immune system
  • Has a pleasant vanilla flavor
  • Is safe and effective for all ages
  • Refrigerate after opening


Always consult with a health care provider before taking any nutritional supplement.

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Review of DPS throat spray

Posted by Monica on March 24, 2020

I first bought this a few years ago. It is absolutely fantastic. Every time I had a hint of a sore throat, I’d spray it in my throat and the sore throat was gone by morning ( I am very susceptible to throat infections and losing my voice. After I started using this spray I had no throat infections and didn’t lose my voice once.). I ran out of throat spray last winter and got a bad throat infection and lost my voice for a week. I am now buying 5 of them to last me through winters. The flavour is pleasant ( like a sweet vanilla) and my kids use it too. I have found that this is effective for my throat even when I’m not taking delimmune capsules.