DPS Throat Spray, 74mL Bottle



DPS Throat Spray is a companion product to Del-Immune V®. DPS works primarily in the adaptive immune system, while Del-Immune V® works primarily in the innate immune system, making them excellent companions for total immune health especially during winter months and travel.

DPS Throat Spray is a proprietary extract of bovine colostrum, know as “first milk”, that contains immune-enhancing factors called polypeptides which are essential in activating the adaptive immune system. Colostrum has immunomodulatory properties, helping to regulate immune cell communication. This helps the body mount a coordinated response to each immune challenge.

Together, DPS Throat Spray and Del-Immune V®, can provide rapid broad-spectrum immune system support.

  • Restores balance to the immune system
  • Stimulates an under-active immune system
  • Calms an overactive immune system
  • Has a pleasant vanilla flavor
  • Is safe and effective for all ages
  • Refrigerate after opening


Always consult with a health care provider before taking any nutritional supplement.

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Del Immune V is a God Send

Posted by Debra on October 28, 2020

Del Immune V is truly a God Send – I’ve been experiencing a compromised immune system for years – during the winter season I’ve contracted the flu virus every month (Oct-March) several times a month. When I read the customer reviews for Del Immune V stating they no longer get the flu/cold virus & I said “yeah, right… just another scam to get your money” – but this absolutely works & this is not a scam & is well worth the money – Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

No need for flu shots ever again

Posted by Fred W Lakewood,CO on March 4, 2013

My wife[ age 73 ] and I [ age 81 ] have taken Del-immune for over 4 years, 2caps/day…we never take the Flu shots and never have a cold….our overall health is excellent. The spray product is great when you feel that little tickle in the back of your throat just before something seems to be coming on…just 3 sprays and no cold….we’ll be customers a long time and thought you would like to know how pleased we are with the products.

LOVE this product!!!

Posted by Kellie on February 6, 2013

We love this product!! Our family has not been sick in years because of Del-Immune! Thank you.