Six Tips for Maintaining a Healthy Immune System

how to keep your immune system healthyThink for a moment of a levee, the kind you might see near a river or perhaps near the ocean. The levee is designed to fight back protect the surrounding land. Or, for those of you who are more technology oriented, think of a firewall that protects your computer files from unwanted intrusion. Well, your immune system works sort of the same way – fighting off bodily invaders including viruses and bacteria that can lead to such illnesses as flu or a cold.

The problem is, the immune system’s abilities to do its job can be diminished by certain aspects of daily life. For instance, if you consume too much alcohol on a regular basis or if you smoke, your immune system might be compromised in its continual battle with potential health dangers to the body caused by invading viruses and bacteria. Another key element in the success your immune system can have in maintaining your health and well-being involves the foods you eat. Yet another effect – and this can be a positive one – on the immune system involves nutritional supplements (more about those later...).

Here are six natural ways you can take to help maintain a healthy immune system.

How to Keep Your Immune System Healthy

1) Pay attention to your diet. Foods that contain natural antioxidants, such as blueberries, can be beneficial to your immune system. Research has also indicated that yogurt, sweet potatoes, kiwi, whole grain foods such as certain breads and cereals, green tea, oranges, garlic, and spinach can boost the effectiveness of immune function. On the list to avoid whenever possible are fatty foods, especially those that contain polyunsaturated fats, along with inordinate amounts of sugar.

2) Hydrate yourself. Many physicians suggest 10-12 glasses of water per day, and there’s no surprise why. As you might know, water helps maintain moisture, particularly in the mucous membranes of your mouth and nasal passages – and that can help your immune system successfully fight off viruses and other dangerous threats to your health. Looking for more advantages to water consumption? Water flushes out toxins from the kidneys and also helps oxygenate your blood which can promote better health over the long term.

3) Go to bed on time. When it comes to immune health basics, proper sleep can be imperative to maintaining a strong immune system. Studies have shown that lack of sleep can elevate stress hormones – and that has been known to compromise the immune system.

4) Exercise regularly. You don’t have to be a continual visitor to the gym, or a marathon runner. But to help keep your immune system working properly, you need at least some moderate exercise...and that can be as straightforward as walking just once a day. Among the specific benefits of exercise relating to immune function is that it promotes improved circulation which can assist in removing toxins from muscles and organs, strengthening the immune system.

5) Minimize alcohol intake. Studies vary on the positives and negatives of consuming alcohol. On the one hand, research has indicated that certain wines which are high in antioxidant content can be beneficial to health if consumed in reasonably small amounts. On the other hand, almost all doctors agree that consuming too much alcohol of any kind can be bad for you. For example, alcohol can compromise the immune system substantially by suppressing the activity of white blood cells whose key function is to do battle on the front lines with germs and other illness-causing factors.

6) Take nutritional supplements. Many years of extensive scientific and medical studies have led to the creation of dietary supplements that can play a very significant role in keeping your body healthy. Del-Immune V®, a nutritional supplement that is the result of more than a half-century of research, has been touted by physicians both in America and overseas. Specifically, Del-Immune V supplements have been recommended by doctors for immediate immune system support. Perhaps Del-Immune V nutritional supplements could be a highly important addition to your life as part of your overall approach to maintaining a healthy immune system.

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