Fight the Flu: How to Avoid the Flu and Protect Yourself from Seasonal Influenza

fight the flu and avoid seasonal influenzaThe "flu," or seasonal influenza, strikes each year, like clockwork. From November through March in the Northern Hemisphere and from May through September in the Southern Hemisphere, between three and five million people will catch the flu. When they get sick with the flu, they’ll suffer with everything from body aches, fever, runny noses, congestion and itchy eyes to a feeling of almost overwhelming fatigue.

Seasonal influenza, according to scientists, is a virus transmitted via water droplets that travel through the air. The reason why seasonal influenza is so much more prevalent during the winter months is that the virus is more stable in cold, dry air. Specifically, researchers have found that the influenza virus is most stable at 41 degrees Fahrenheit (5 degrees Celsius).

Now that you have some scientific background about what the flu is and how it can spread, you may be wondering are there any strategies you can pursue for flu protection and perhaps avoid the flu altogether? In fact, there read on!

Seasonal Flu Protection: Boost Your Immune System!

One of the best places to fight the flu is to enhance your body’s own natural defenses. On the front lines of those defenses is your immune system, which does battle with harmful bodily invaders...including the influenza virus. The key in avoiding the flu is how quickly your immune system responds and fights back against threats to its health, such as the seasonal flu bug.

Doctors have recommended a nutritional immune supplement called Del-Immune V® to get immediate immune system support to help combat winter germs. Typically on its own, the immune system could take five to ten days to respond to a threat...and as you might guess, that could be too late to thwart the flu. Del-Immune V nutritional supplements have demonstrated the ability to improve immune system responsiveness and assist with activating the body’s immune function in six hours or less.

Other Important Ways to Fight the Flu

Of course, as important as Del-Immune V nutritional supplements could be in your fight against seasonal influenza, there are other strategies to protect yourself from the flu that you should also keep in mind. These include getting a flu shot. The flu vaccine is recommended for everyone over the age of six months, particularly those at-risk for flu complications. Yet, be aware that the flu vaccine does not protect against all types of seasonal influenza, which may be yet another reason why boosting your immune system could be more beneficial in avoiding the flu.

Still other flu fighting strategies involve something you should always do: wash your hands frequently. And, turn up the thermostat whenever possible as well as turn on a humidifier. As mentioned above, the flu virus is more stable in cold, dry air and likely will not do as well in warmer, moist air.

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