How to Improve Your Immune System Responsiveness

The Immune System: The Body's Natural Defense

improve your immune system readiness with Del ImmuneWe rely on our immune systems to protect us from foreign invaders that can lead to illness. Our body’s immune system has two main parts: the “innate” (or immediate) system and the “adaptive,” (or long-term) system.

The innate immune system is vital in providing an immediate defense when germs invade, allowing the body to fight off the invaders before they can develop into illnesses. The ability to quickly challenge bodily intruders becomes more important as we age. The innate immune response may require many days to “kick in,” but Del-Immune V® provides immediate immune support.

With Del-Immune V®, improving immunity response is rapid and natural, supporting the immune system in its crucial role as a defense mechanism.

Providing a faster way to build up immune support

Del-Immune V® capsules contain biological components found in cells and cell walls that are important for launching the immune system response. What makes Del-Immune V® immune supplements unique is the science behind the product and the manufacturing process.

Del-Immune V® is derived from a probiotic strain of Lactobacillus rhamnosus (DV strain).  Studies consistently show that the special peptides (a vital link involving amino acids) found in lactobacillus cells are key to build up rapid immune response, enabling the immune system to do its job of protecting the body.

Research conducted by some of the leading Soviet scientists beginning in the 1970s — and now in 2010 in the Ukraine — demonstrates that the special peptides in these lactobacillus cells “activate and excite” a switch in the immunity system. Yet activation can only happen when the cells are broken into smaller pieces or “fragmented.”

The switches that Del-Immune V® activates in the immune system are called “cytokines.” These cytokines act as messengers, traveling along what could be described as a superhighway – alerting the body to the presence of potentially dangerous invaders. On its own, the body could take five to 10 days to complete this process. Del-Immune V® generally starts working in six hours or less leading to improved immunity.

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