Winter Special!

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Winter Special!

Flu Season is here. Are you prepared?

A healthy, fast-responding immune system is one of the best ways to avoid the flu.

Medical experts are warning that this flu season could be the worst in many years.

Your immune system is essential in preventing you from coming down with the flu. The key is speed...the faster your immune system can respond to a threat from a flu bug, the less likely you will get the flu. Del-Immune V® nutritional supplements activate the body’s first responders– helping people obtain maximum results from their immune system.* Del-Immune V® can play a vital role in keeping you healthy this flu season. And for even more flu-fighting advantages, there’s Delpro™ -  which helps in healing digestive problems, activates and protects immune cells in the gut, helps with side-effects after taking antibiotics and other medications, and complements Del-Immune V® for total immune health.


Save Big, Right Now!

Del-Immune V® Capsules Delpro™ Del-Immune V® Travel Pak
(2) 100 - count bottles and 60 - count bottle, 14 Capsule (1 week supply),
(1) 30 - count bottle, a $118.50 value a $29.50 value a $10.95 value

Get all the above (total value $158.95) for just $99 + Shipping and Handling... you save 38%!

Beat the Flu, Naturally.

The best prevention and/or treatment for Flue, Colds and Coughs is your own immune system!

Del-Immune V® Nutritional Supplements provide immediate immune support.

Why Del-Immune V®?

The most vital components of the immune system are interferons...tiny natural immune substances that attack foreign invading viruses, bacteria, and fungi.

Research demonstrates Del-Immune V® quickly activates interferons. (1), (2)

(With no side effects) 


(1) Study of Interferonogenous Activity of the New Probiotic Formulation Del-Immune V®. Liubov Sichel,
Natalya Timoshok, Valentin Pidgorsky, Nykolay Spivak, J. Prob Health, 2013, Volume 1, Issue 2
(2) Influenza virus activation of the interferon system. Marian J. Killip, Ervin Fodor, Richard E. Randal,
Virus Research 209 (2015) 11-22

"I’ve been taking a daily capsule for over a year now and haven’t felt sick at all. With the impending threat of seasonal illnesses, I am grateful for the immune support that Del-Immune provides."
- Linda R.

Niwot CO

“We observe patients with different conditions and how they react to the product. Up to now, my observations are astounding indeed. Del-immune seems to help a great deal.”
- Dr. Richard S.

Zürich, Switzerland

"Wow I was really getting sick and had ordered your Delimmune product as an afterthought because of the special. OMG that stuff really works. Everyone else has been down for two weeks I was sick for two days. Totally amazing product. Thank you. I ordered some for my son!"
Marta Bennett

Carmel, CA

"Several months back my daughter gave me a bottle of Del-Immune V. I took the entire bottle until I ran out. I felt good but didn’t order more. Then my daughter gave me another bottle. This time I noticed immediately that I felt better, had more energy and have not been sick or even felt unwell once while taking the bottle. Since I often...
Donna F.